Retail 2.0 Startup Connect

Welcome to Retail 2.0 Connect; the Invitation-Only, Exclusive Startup Accelerator Program for Retail, Brand & CPG, E-commerce Startups, Corporate thought leaders and investor community. Retail 2.0 Connect is the place where industry leaders and peers gather to learn, discuss and share current trends, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices to improve startup’s market position, scalability, cut costs and increase efficiencies, while providing an excellent point of engagement with stakeholders and partners alike. As various forms of disruption – from technological to societal – continue to influence the retail industry, the impact on your organization has continued to multiply. Join a dedicated group of your peers to address challenges surrounding:

  • Explore the most innovative and disruptive ideas making waves throughout the Retail, brand and CPG spaces, their applications, and potential promise for improved execution and an increased impact on your company’s growth
  • Understand the changing nature and needs of the modern business in US Market  and how to ensure all relevant stakeholders are incorporated into the process with relevant projects that will help to define the future of your Startup
  • Discuss the strategic initiatives developed in order to ensure that your team is forward looking and engaged in the ongoing challenges facing your company

Unlike other Startup Accelerator programs, we only extend an invitation to selective senior executives, whom we hand-select from some of the most cutting-edge retailers, brands and CPGs to participate in the event.

To apply for participation, please complete this application here :