Berlin Startup School launches new Startup Accelerator, looks to ensure that its startups only make positive headlines

Berlin Startup School, a coaching platform for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to develop their idea and build their business, has announced a new Startup Accelerator

In a statement, Berlin Startup School says it wants to keep its founders away from headlines such as “fast-growing startups whose white founding fathers quickly lose control of the employees and the money”.

What to expect from this Accelerator programme?

It is a 6 months programme to help guide startups from prototype to “investor readiness”, meaning a successful pitch in front of investors. The programme will also focus on the topics of diversity and inclusion as well as leadership.

In addition to the workshops, the founders will also receive equity-free funding. The founders will receive a monthly grant of €2,000 for up to three team members, seats in the co-working space  “Treibende Kraft” in Berlin Mitte, and an additional credit of €1000 for individual coaching or consultancy.

The funding will be managed by the Berlin Senate together with the European Social Fund. The Berlin Startup School is one of several funded institutions that will support founders over the next 18 months.

Brief about the Berlin Startup School

Berlin Startup School started as a side project of Entrepreneurship students at SRH Hochschule Berlin in 2018. Its founders Constantin Schmutzler, Matt Wichmann and Michael Dawart wanted to help people realise their ideas. 

With a lot of experience in the startup field and years of entrepreneurial research, they created a startup program to guide entrepreneurs from idea to founding a company.

On their way, they have helped students and employees to build up dozens of businesses or to improve already existing ones. In the meantime, many coaches and experienced founders have joined the movement as volunteers to help future founders with their knowledge and skills.

On its website, the company says, “We support the next generation of entrepreneurs to form a diverse startup community, provide education and training, connect like-minded founders, innovators, funders and leaders.”

Source: siliconcanals

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