Apple subsidiary Claris announces new partnership to improve tech diversity

Apple subsidiary Claris has announced a new entrepreneur training program today, in partnership with EonXI. The goal of the new partnership is to improve tech diversity through new low code initiatives.

In a press release, Claris announced this new initiative with Venture Fund and Startup Studio, EonXI, to combine the “power of low-code software development, business training, mentorship, and community networking with one unified goal: expand diversity in technology and business ownership.”

Claris CEO Brad Freitag said in a statement that the need to invest in and increase diversity in technology “has never been greater.”

The need to invest and increase diversity in tech broadly, and in Black entrepreneurs specifically, has never been greater. At the same time, the massive growth and tremendous power of low-code technologies represent some of the most significant opportunities to close this gap that we’ve seen in generations. This partnership with EonXI affirms a deep commitment on the part of both companies to not just talk about or study these problems, but to give Black entrepreneurs what they need to be successful, both as business owners and software developers.

For those unfamiliar, EonXI Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in innovative founders and disruptive Web 3.0 companies. The new partnership with Claris will allow the two companies to work together to close the gap in tech diversity and IT talent.

The Low Code Accelerator program from EonXI and Claris will provide graduates with the operational expertise and mentorship to form and scale a business as well as technical training on the Claris low-code development platform. Mentorship, both business and technical, will be provided by a large network of program partners, including Cris Ippolite, a 25-year Claris developer and President of iSolutions, as well as Cathy House, 15-year entrepreneurship Adjunct Professor in the Executive MBA program at Howard University.

The Low Code Accelerator program is accepting applications for the program’s first class. Applications are due by October 15, 2021, and individuals interested in learning more about the program can visit the Claris website.

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